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We offer In-building solutions with 2G/3G and WiMax technologies One of the fastest changes in mobile network rollouts is occurring inside Airports , Railway stations, Hotels Shopping centers, and Large corporate clients. It has been estimated that 70-90% of all mobile calls are made inside the buildings. It has become too expensive to increase the indoor coverage by a outdoor cell. So the easiest way to provide good in-building coverage by Distributed Antenna System. That provides good coverage and capacity inside the building and at the same time releases capacity to outdoor cells. These solutions are mostly based on Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Fiber Optic Distribution Antenna Systems (FODS) or pico BTS. We have strong understanding and experience on IBS designing and Implementation.

As a part of Network Planning we offer following services    

  1.  Identification of potential buildings for IBS.
  2.  Trace and identify coverage and capacity weak spots in building.
  3.  Propose best suitable RF source to resolve pretending problem.
  4.  Design Distributed Antenna system using Passive, active elements and Prepare complete Link engineering diagram with each antenna's EIRP proposal report.
  5.  Implementation of IBS solution with best professional way without disturbing aesthetic of building.
  6.  LOS & Link Planning to connect site/repeater.
  7.  RF parameter planning for site/repeater.
  8.  RF walk test and call quality testing.
  9.  IBS solution fine tuning for coverage, quality and capacity.
  10.  Maintenance of IBS solution.